Led by tenured industry analyst and marketer David Daniels, The Relevancy Group (TRG) provides market research and advisory services. We measure consumer and executive behaviors to develop strategies that optimize a return on marketing investments. Each Analyst has a minimum 15 years of experience in digital marketing. 

Based on a recent whitepaper by The Relevancy Group sponsored by Trendline Interactive, we will detail how marketers can create an environment for innovation. The research measures how marketers are approaching innovation and we will outline useful tactics.

Questions that we will answer on this webinar:
•    How do marketers determine which innovations to implement?
•    What budget and headcount  are being set aside for marketing innovation?
•    What importance do marketers place on innovation?
•    What are the top innovations that marketers plan to implement in the next 12 months?
•    How should brands be planning, deploying, and measuring marketing innovations?

• David Daniels, CEO & Founder - The Relevancy Group
• Nicholas Einstein, VP of Research - The Relevancy Group
• Morgan Stewart, Co-Founder & CEO - Trendline Interactive

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