Led by tenured industry analyst and marketer David Daniels, The Relevancy Group (TRG) provides market research and advisory services. We measure consumer and executive behaviors to develop strategies that optimize a return on marketing investments. Each Analyst has a minimum 15 years of experience in digital marketing. 

Email Marketing Mobile Readiness in 2018


Featuring new research by The Relevancy Group, sponsored by Branch, BrightWave, and Moloco we explore what is necessary to deliver effective mobile experiences via email. In December of 2017, The Relevancy Group conducted research on the mobile usage, preferences, and habits of over a thousand US consumers, and the results illustrate the need for brands to laser focus their marketing initiatives away from the desktop and towards the device. Over 98 percent of the consumers we surveyed reported owning a mobile device of some kind, and eighty-six percent reported that they access one or more of their email accounts via a mobile device. In fact, for a significant percentage of the population, their mobile phone has become the primary device for reading and interacting with email messages. Questions that we will answer on this webinar:

  • How engaged are consumers with email on their mobile phones and which consumers are using it as their only portal to email and the Internet?
  • What is the state of app utilization and how prepared are marketers and vendors to address these solutions?
  • Which tactics do marketers need to utilize to improve the mobile experience?
  • How robust are ESP (Email/everychannel Service Provider Offerings) mobile messaging solutions?
  • What are the benefits associated with improvements in Mobile Email Marketing solutions.


  • David Daniels, CEO & Founder - The Relevancy Group
  • Nicholas Einstein, VP of Research - The Relevancy Group
  • Kristen Speagle, Director of Strategic Services - BrightWave
  • Eric Stein, EVP & GM - Branch

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