Led by tenured industry analyst and marketer David Daniels, The Relevancy Group (TRG) provides market research and advisory services. We measure consumer and executive behaviors to develop strategies that optimize a return on marketing investments. Each Analyst has a minimum 15 years of experience in digital marketing. 

Email Acquisition in 2018: An exploration of strategies and tactics to employ

In Q3, The Relevancy Group partnered with CertainSource to conduct research that quantifies the utilization and efficacy of strategies and tactics employed across business verticals to drive growth in 2017, and explores the challenges and opportunities.
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•    The specific tactics utilized to acquire new email addresses by marketers in a wide variety of business  sectors and which have been most effective
•    Which data are most important to brands when acquiring new customers and prospects
•    The top challenges encountered when growing a database and how top-performing brands and marketers address
•    The keys to driving responsible growth and managing risk in today’s dynamic environment

Speakers Include:
• David Daniels, CEO & Founder - The Relevancy Group
• Nicholas Einstein, VP of Research - The Relevancy Group
• Lori Clure, President - CertainSource

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