Led by tenured industry analyst and marketer David Daniels, The Relevancy Group (TRG) provides market research and advisory services. We measure consumer and executive behaviors to develop strategies that optimize a return on marketing investments. Each Analyst has a minimum 15 years of experience in digital marketing. 

The Consumer Companion: Mobile Usage & Smartphone Ubiquity

As part of our Webinar Wednesday series, we will explore The Relevancy Group's research report 'The Consumer Companion: The Implications of Mobile Usage and Smartphone Ubiquity.'  Published in April 2017 this paper utilizes consumer survey data to examine the adoption of mobile devices and smartphones. The Relevancy Group’s recent consumer survey shows 86 percent of U.S. consumers have a  smartphone, while 11 percent retain a feature phone.  This compellling research provides a deep dive on mobile usage including demographic details. We also will detail the phone-first, mobile only segment of consumers and dive into their behaviors.

Some of the question that we will answer include:
•    What consumer behavior trends should influence mobile marketing strategies?
•    How does tablet adoption and use compare with smartphones?
•    How are people interacting with brands on their phones?
•    What is the role of mobile apps in the media ecosystem?

Speakers Include:
David Daniels - The Relevancy Group, CEO and Founder
Nicholas Einstein - The Relevancy Group, VP of Research & Principal Analyst
Joe Laszlo - The Relevancy Group, Research Director & Principal Analyst

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